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Reverse Logistics Solutions

Manage Returns Processing Across Multiple Channels

The Returns aspect of your supply chain is full of opportunities to explore. In fact, getting goods properly back to the supply chain is equally important as getting goods out of the door. With APS’ Reverse Logistics Management solutions, we provide automated returns processing across multiple channels. Whether from big-box Retailers, Channel Partners, or End-User Customers, you get to enjoy full control of your product easily and conveniently.

Inetegrated with our IT Solutions, APS’ Reverse Logistics Service is a complete solution comprising of product tracking, storing, and reporting that makes it easily accessible and efficient in processing customer credits. Added with rules based decision support programming, you can also control the entire returns processing as well as products fulfillment.

APS’ Warehouse Management solution provides our Clients the flexibility to direct material for pick & pack, stock allocation, return to vendor, or for scrap disposition. APS provides storage and distribution service in our secure Custom Bonded warehouse that is well protected with CCTV cameras and recording monitors.

Reverse Logistics Management
  • Manages the entire returns process
  • Increases net asset recovery
  • Allows invoice matching for accurate return credit
  • Helps develop visibility into purchase and return behavior
  • Provides Aftersales opportunities for Remarketed-selling with Client specific kitting, packing and printing solutions
  • Efficient repair processes optimizes inventory and lowers holding costs
  • Allows differentiated “A/B/C” Grade Stock to better meet Client’s product replacement & fulfillment goals
  • Cost effective Logistics flexible to accommodate bulk RMA shipments vs. end-user transactional
  • Facilitates manufacturer and extended warranty programs in a single centralized system