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Call Center Service Solutions

Thriving towards their goal of providing end to end solution in customer service and support lifecycle, APS call center professionals are experts in Customer Service, Technical Support, and Lead Generation and Sales Conversion. Always ready to help clients with a complete service solution, our approach to customer care is demonstrated by our unbeatable effective services comprising of low abandonment rates, reduced caller wait times, improved response times, high closing rates, and enhanced agent utilization.

In their endeavor to offer real time solution to customers, APS captures and saves historical data of client interaction with help of Helix, our web based management technology, thus enabling customers to access call tracking, reporting and performance information.

Staying in sync with technology and sensitive of our client's need, APS’ Call Center Service Solutions comprises of a variety of key features:

  • Technical Support
  • Customer Service
  • Help Desk
  • Billing
  • Inbound Sales
  • Outbound Sales
  • Prospect Acquisition and Retention
  • Marketing
Competitive Advantages

APS, with its innovative approach to Aftersales Solutions, provides our customers a complete turnkey solution. Know for yourself why APS enjoys advantages over its competition:

  • Staying in sync with technology and offer clients with a consistent method of contact
  • Providing customer service associates accurate, real-time information that helps in improving the brand image of the company
  • Round the clock customer care help with immediate customer issue resolution
  • Historical data capture and access to all customer service interactions
  • Product Marketing and service opportunities
  • Equipped with multiple communications channels such as Telephony, IVR, Web, Email, and Facsimile
  • Reduced transaction cost
  • Helps increase revenue generated through services

Data Analysis

APS, Inc. offers data analysis capability to achieve a better understanding of customer behavior. In turn this allows us to offer customized service offers resulting in increased revenue built on a proactive marketing campaign.

The functional service and support that are offered to clients by the APS’ contact center service solution are given below:

  • Support customizing and managing up-sell/cross-sell opportunities
  • Call tracking and escalation
  • Chat capabilities, facilitating live collaboration
  • Return Material Authorization (RMA) issuance
  • Case management
  • Knowledge management