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About APS, Inc

APS is your end-to-end Aftersales service partner specializing in Global Asset Recovery. We provide complete solutions utilizing Call Center support, Reverse Logistics flows, and integrated IT solutions.

Our primary area of business involves the asset recovery of Consumer Electronics, PCs, and Enterprise computers.  Starting from the repair and fulfillment of  desktops

to notebooks, tablet PC’s, workstations, chassis and monitors, optical drives and power supplies, we also are involved in the cutting edge expertise of today’s mobile devices & portable wireless solutions using WiFi and Bluetooth, 3G technologies including GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS WCDMA, HSDPA, HSUPA, CDMA2000 and EV-DO and 4G technologies including UMTS Long Term Evolution (LTE) and CDMA2000 Ultra Mobile Broadband (UWB).

Our track record shows that we know exactly how to satisfy the client’s needs. Our in depth industry know-how and expertise that we have at our disposal ensures that we gather the right kind of people and the right kind technologies to get the right work done! Our aim is to build a flawless logistical program using a very organized approach.

APS manages your inbound deliveries and warehouse inventory. Initial screenings and tests, device upgrades and repairs, and specific assembling and packaging are customized to your specifications. Whether the final delivery is to an end-user customer or authorized dealer, APS optimizes the supply and sale chain with orders processed and invoiced using efficient EDI protocols.

APS takes out the complications associated with Aftersales support. Our Consultants, with proven experience in the industry, helps simplify the reverse logistics process for our Clients. Our Engineers provide value-add services with Root Cause Analysis, 8D, and Six Sigma principals. APS is not dependent on 3rd-party transportation and is always ready to ship and receive. APS recaptures the value of your returned items and maximizes its worth to you!